One legend, handed down from one to another generation, brings us back in the tragic for the Bulgarian nation 1393, when the Capital Veliko Turnovo was taken by the turks and the Second Bulgarian Kingdom was destroyed for 500 years. The noblewoman Bozhana lost her husband and left the capital with her kids to look for a shelter. The only possible place to safe their life was the Balkan mountain. In the heart of the mountain, between the sparkling creaks, in the deep forests and hidden from the eyes of the enslaver, she put the first stone of the village, which took her name.  
Today the beautiful houses of Bozhentsi, sheltered between two opposite hills among luxuriant vegetation, meet the sunrises and the sunsets in peace and silence as though the time has really stopped.

The village of Bozhentsi is nestling in the picturesque valleys of the Balkan mountain 13 km away from the town of Gabrovo. It is almost the only settlement in Bulgaria that has kept entirely its ancient look from the Renaissance. The well-preserved valuable architectural monuments, the authentic stone roads, the rich ethnographic collections were a serious reason to announce in 1964 the village with its about 100 houses and 7-8 public works buildings, for an architectural-historical reservation.

From the Riding Club, located near to the town of Sevlievo, to the The Rocky Chain Vitata Stena, the village of Zhivko, village of Sabotkovtsi, village of Bozhentsi,  The Ethnografic complex”Etara”, Gabrovo, Dryanovo monastery, the village of Gostilitsa, the old capital  Veliko Turnovo and back to the Riding Club.



Trail Ride

8 days | 7 nights


Departure Dates

2019: July 06 to 13 | August 17 to 24


1200 Euro

All inclusive



Day 1

Pick up from Sofia Airport and a tour in the center of the capital with seeing the most interesting places.

Transfer to Sevlievo, placed 190 km northeast from the capital.

Arrival at a nice hotel ”Helios” in the town of Sevlievo.

Initial Instructions by the guides.

Dinner and night at the hotel.


Day 2

Breakfast at the hotel and move to the Riding Club. Saddling the horses and preparing for start.

Riding through fields, old oak forests and hills with the excellent view around.

Lunch at the Riding Club.

Dinner and night at “Helios” hotel in Sevlievo.

About 19 km (3 hours) riding.

Day 3

Breakfast at the hotel. Packing up the luggage and start to the Riding Club.

Start to the small and well-hidden village of Zhivko. Riding alongside the foot of the famous rocky chain (10 km long and more than 120 m high!)” Vitata Stena”, which is Natural Reservation. Along the ride you will have an amazing view towards the Veregava(Balkan) mountain at the South.

Picnic next to the village of Armenite, situated just at the middle of “Vitata Stena”

Dinner and night at a beautiful traditional style guest house in Zhivko village.

About 17 km (3 hours) riding.

Day 4

Breakfast at the guest house.

Visit by car of the Ethnographic complex Etara near by the town of Gabrovo. The complex presents a village from the 19th century with the main crafts developed at that time. The old machines are working with running water and the present craftsmen produce traditional pots, garments, food, music instruments, tools and souvenirs on them.

At the noon time packing up and start riding towards the village of Sabotkovtsi and Bozhentsi. Crossing Yantra River and riding in the wilderness of  its caniyon.

Arriving at Sabotkovtsi and spend the night there.

About 21 km (4 hours) riding.

Day 5

Breakfast in the guest house.

Going by car and making tour around Bozhentsi complex with possibilities of shopping souvenirs.

Start riding towards the town of Dryanovo. On the way you will ride through hills and beautiful forests with small creeks and lakes with amazing view around.

Picnic on a beautiful meadow next to the village of Tsareva Livada – the summer residence of the war horses of Bulgarian kings, during the Second Bulgarian Kingdom – 1185-1396 A.C.

Night in a hotel in the town of Dryanovo.

Dinner in the restaurant in the hotel.

About 18 km (4 h) riding.

Day 6

Breakfast at the guest house and visiting by car the Monastery and the cave “Bacho Kiro” above it. The Monastery had survived after the fire of the Ottoman army in one epic battle with the rebels of the biggest Bulgarian Uprisall against the Turkish occupation in 1876.

Start from Dryanovo towards the village of Gostilitsa.

Picnic at the middle of the ride.

Dinner and night at a beautiful traditional style hotel in Gostilitsa.

About 17 km (3 hours) riding.

Day 7

Breakfast at the guest house  and visit of Veliko Turnovo – the old capital of The Second Bulgarian Kingdom.

Back to Gostilitsa Village and start an amazing ride back to the Riding Club through the wilderness along the beautiful forests, creeks and fields on the Southwest. You will enjoy the breath-taking view all around.

Picnic at the wilderness.

Arriving at the stable, say good-bay to the horses.

Farwell dinner and night at the hotel”Helios” in Sevlievo.

About  25 km (4,5 hours) riding.

Day 8

Breakfast in the hotel and transfer to the airport of Sofia.

Additional Information


Additional activities

Cultural tour around the historic landmarks and bow-shooting. Body massages are available every night upon request and against a small additional payment.


Arrival time required: between 12:00 and 16:00 or something very close to this time. Guests arriving outside the recommended time should have a special transfer (80 Euro).

Departure time required: between 11:00 and 15:00 or something very close to this time. Guests departing earlier than the recommended time should have a special transfer (80 Euro).

Guests departing later than the recommended time will not have to pay for a special transfer, but will be left at the airport together with the earlier departing riders.


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