This eXperience is organized in a natural way, following the road of the ancient Bulgarians.

The riders sleep in tents 4 nights and “take a shower” in the lakes and rivers. The other 4 nights they sleep in nice hotels. The food is supplied by car 3 times a day and the riders prepare it themselves on the fire. In this trails the riders feel the real life as it has been before hundred and thousand years ago.

The nature is wild and beautiful and in many places you could ride without meeting any people.



Trail Ride

9 days | 8 nights


Departure Dates

2019: June 08 to 16 (upon request)


1080 Euro

All inclusive



Day 1
Pick up from Sofia Airport and transfer to Sevlievo, placed 190 km northeast from the capital.

Arrival at a nice hotel with sauna and swimming pool.
Dinner and night at the hotel.


Day 2

Breakfast in the hotel.
Arrival at the stable and having a first look at the horses and equipment, choosing the suitable ones.
Start from the Partner's Stable.
Lunch in the open fields near by a small waterfall.
Ride alongside the valley of Yantra river through beautiful forests and hills and arrival to the Tower of Ledenik.
This interesting tower was built during the Second Bulgarian Kingdom (1185-1396). Its first floor is a museum, showing regional culture and traditions from the past 150 years.
Arival at the hotel, built in the traditional bulgarian style. The hotel offers traditional dinner and a nice swimming pool.
About 34 km (6 hours) riding.


Day 3

Breakfast in the hotel.
Visit by car of the Old Bulgarian capital Veliko Tarnovo.
Start from the tower of Ledenik along few small villages, riding through beautiful nature, till the village of Merdanya with its monastery.
Picnic at the open fields.
The final target for this day is a lonely fountain in the plain, where the first open camp will be done.
Dinner and night next to the fountain.
About 35 km (5,5 hours) riding.


Day 4
Breakfast in the open fields.
Start from the fountain and ride through beautiful fields, wild and exotic mountains and forests around the river "Stara reka". The river is crossed several times.
Lunch in the open fields.
Night and dinner in tents near by the village of Bankovets, at the nice meadow and oak forest.
About 30 km (5,5 hours) riding.


Day 5
Breakfast in the open fields.
Start from Bankovets and riding on an old stony road from the Roman times eastward through the old forests, deep valleys and creeks.
Picnic at the open fields.
Dinner and night in tents next to the small river near by the village of Velikdenche.
About 37 km (6 hours) riding.


Day 6
Breakfast in the open fields.
Start from the village of Velikdenche.
Ride along vineyards and open fields on the plateau of Omurtag.
Picnic at the open fields.
The ride continues on ancient Roman road, big old fountain and leads you to the remains of a Byzantine basilica of the 13th century.
Ride at the foot of Preslavska Mountain on a steepy path up to the top.
Arrival at a hunting lodge on the top of the mountain.
Dinner and night in the lodge.
About 40 km (7 hours) riding.


Day 7
Breakfast in the lodge.
Start from the hunting lodge through the old forests of Preslavska Mountain to the remains of the capital of the First Bulgarian Kingdom - The Great Preslav.
Picnic at the open fields next to the ruins.
Continue riding North-East from Veliki Preslav.
Overnight at tents next to village of Marash.
About 25 km( 4-5 hours) riding.

Day 8

Breakfast and start towards the "The Horseman of Madara".
Arrival at the foots of the famous monument of the 8th century - "The Horseman of Madara" in the village of Kulevcha.
Lunch at the guesthouse in Kulevcha.
Visit by car of the "Horseman of Madara".
Riding back to the guesthouse.
Dinner and fare-well party in the hotel.
About 25 km( 4 hours) riding.


Day 9
Breakfast in the hotel.
Visit of the first Bulgarian capital "Pliska" by car.
Departure to the Airport of Sofia.

Departure from Sofia.

Additional Information


Partly Camping Trail

Sleeping bag hire  20 Euro 

Single tent  40 Euro


Massages are available in first three nights upon request and against a small additional payment.

Arrival time required: between 12:00 and 16:00 or something very close to this time. Guests arriving outside the recommended time should have a special transfer (80 Euro).

Departure time required: between 11:00 and 15:00 or something very close to this time. Guests departing earlier than the recommended time should have a special transfer (80 Euro).

Guests departing later than the recommended time will not have to pay for a special transfer, but will be left at the airport together with the earlier departing riders.


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