Carpathia Gourmet Ride

Riding Holiday

Discover the culinary delights in the Carpathian Mountains and explore the pristine nature on horse-back.


Get yourself spoiled with delicious, organic food and Romanian fine wines, liqueurs, and homemade juices and enjoy easy days riding through an ancient land.



Countryside & Wilderness eXperience

Riding Holiday

Get a first-hand eXperience combining riding lessons with trails and extensive information about flora, fauna, and sustainable land-use systems.


Make your riding holiday not just a relaxing and enjoyable eXperience, but also an interesting one.

50% discount for children under 15 years old.

Suitable for all riding levels.



Transylvania Trail

Trail Ride

Ride more than 200 km in 6 days through the picturesque rolling hills of Transylvania. Medieval villages, shepherd camps, and a beautiful landscape inhabited by a variety of rare bird species are the characteristics of this journey.


There are just a few spots left in Europe, where time seems to stand still. The central part of Transylvania definitely is one of them.



Transylvania Winter

Riding Holiday

The Carpathians will not remain unaffected by climate change but so far the time between mid January and mid February is still quite safe regarding snow cover and a ride in powder snow will be an unforgettable eXperience.


In winter, the mountains and forests are snow-packed and it is often easier to find tracks of wolves, lynx or red deer than of humans.



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