The Balkans are the longest chain in the peninsula- over 600 km. Dividing Bulgaria into two distinct halves, the Balkans amaze us with their spectacular natural sights: river canyons, rocks, forests and the high picks (the highest is 2376 m).

These trail takes you to the North side of the Balkans in its central fore-mountains- the land of ancient historical, architectural and extraordinary natural landmarks.


The main goal of this carefully designed eXperience is to show you the best preserved castles, towers, monasteries and fortresses from the Middle Ages together with the old houses and traditional crafts and finally to leave you fascinated, while staying in front of the unique waterfalls and caves of the Devetaki plateau. All this eXperience will be supplemented by the fine Bulgarian wines and the delicious traditional dishes, fruits and vegetables, cultivated without any chemical treatment. The relief is various, but mainly smooth and pleasant for horseback riding and will give you the possibility to ride free of strain and to enjoy with all your senses the amazing sceneries of the nature.

From the Riding Centre,  located near to the town of Sevlievo, to the village of Skalsko, Dryanovo monastery, village of Ledenik, village of Emen, village of Kurpachevo, Krushuna's Waterfalls & The Magic Caves, Rositsa Lake and back to the Riding Centre.



Trail Ride

8 days | 7 nights


Departure Dates

2019: June 22 to 29 | September 07 to 14 and 21 to 28 | October 05 to 12

2019 Special Edition: May 11 to 19

9 days | 8 nights - 1 day wine tasting and participation in the Festival of Humour and Satire in the city of Gabrovo

1380 Euro | SIngle Supplement 150 Euro


1260 Euro

All inclusive



Day 1
Pick up from Sofia Airport and transfer to Sevlievo, placed 190 km northeast from the capital.

Arrival in the town of Sevlievo.

Accomodation in Helios hotel with a sauna and swimming pool.

Initial Instructions by the guides.

Dinner and night in the hotel.


Day 2

Breakfast at the hotel.

Visit by car of the Ethnographic complex Etara near by the town of Gabrovo. The complex presents a village from the 19th century with the main crafts, developed at that time. The old machines are working with the power of the running water and the present craftsmen produce traditional pots, garments, food, music instruments, tools and souvenirs on them.

Arrival at the stable. Saddling the horses and preparing for start, final instructions by the guides.

The target is Dryanovo Monastery, placed in Southeast from Sevlievo. On the way you will ride through hills and beautiful forests with small creeks and lakes.

Picnic on a beautiful meadow at the middle of the way.

Night in the first class hunting lodge near by the town of Dryanovo, 5 km away from the beautiful Dryanovo Monastery area.

About 23 km (5 hours) riding.


Day 3

Breakfast at the hotel.

Visit of the Monastery and the cave “Bacho Kiro” above it by car.

Start from Dryanovo Monastery northward to the village of Ledenik, through beautiful meadows and walking along the small canyon and nice oak forests. An interesting tower has been preserved, that was built during the Second Bulgarian Kingdom (1185-1396).

Picnic next to the village of Kereka at the middle of the way.

Complex "Chiflika" in traditional style is offering dinner and a shelter for the night,  as well as a nice swimming pool.

About 21 km (4 hours) riding.


Day 4

Breakfast at "Chiflika" hotel.

Visit by car of Veliko Turnovo- the capital of Bulgaria in the time of the second Bulgarian Kingdom ( 1185-1396).

The next target is the village of Emen. You will ride along Yantra River and the fields and forests till the village.

Picnic next to the village of Balvan.

Arrival at the beautiful country style complex "Imenieto”, with a swimming pool.

Dinner and night at the complex.

About 22 km (4 hours) riding.


Day 5

Breakfast at the hotel.

Start in northwest direction to the village of Krushuna. Riding through beautiful forests with meadows and fields towards the Devetaki plateau with its extraordinary caves, waterfalls and lakes.

Picnic on the shade near by the village of Dimcha.

Night in Karpachevo guesthouse “Ongul”.

About 45 km (7-8 hours) riding.

Day 6

(Rest day for the horses & riders)

Breakfast at the guesthouse.

Visit by car of the remarkable Devetaki cave, placed 15 km from Krushuna.  A part of the movie “The Expendables 2” with Arnold Schwarzenegger,  Sylvester Stallone and Bruce Willis  was captured in the cave in Nov.2011

Lunch at the guesthouse.

Walking up to the amazing Kroushuna’s Waterfalls coming from the caves with the springs.

Visit  on a horseback of Stalbitsata cave- ride for 1.5 hours on the beautiful paths of Devetaki plateau above the waterfalls.

Dinner and night at the guest house.

Day 7

Breakfast at the guesthouse.

Riding from Karpachevo village to the vertical cave ”Garvanitsa” on the plateau, then ride to the lake of Kramolin where we can swim in - with and without the horses. Rowing with canoe.

Picnic at the lake.

Riding forward to the bigger lake formed from Rositsa river where the ride is finishing and horses &riders are transported to the stable.

Dinner and night at the hotel nearby the stable.

About 33 km (6 hours) riding.


Day 8

Breakfast at the guesthouse. Leaving for Sofia.

Departure from the Airport of Sofia.

Additional Information


Additional activities

Bow-shooting, swimming in a lake with the horses, rowing with canoe, cultural tour around the historic landmarks, visit to Devetaki plateau caves and special party night. Massages are available every night upon request and against a small additional payment.

Small group supplement (less than 4 riders in total)  300 Euro 

Sleeping bag hire  20 Euro 

Single tent  40 Euro


Arrival time required: between 12:00 and 16:00 or something very close to this time. Guests arriving outside the recommended time should have a special transfer (80 Euro).

Departure time required: between 11:00 and 15:00 or something very close to this time. Guests departing earlier than the recommended time should have a special transfer (80 Euro).

Guests departing later than the recommended time will not have to pay for a special transfer, but will be left at the airport together with the earlier departing riders.


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