Ride from Khurkhuree to the shores of Lake Khuvsgul with its idyllic scenarios and turquoise waters!

Its name is derived from Tuvan language words for "Blue Water Lake"


This linear route through dense forests, green mountains, vaste steppes and beautiful rivers opens the door to one of the wildest and beautiful regions of Mongolia, where locals still live according to their traditions and rituals and all the colours are pure as the air.

eXperience a true nomadic lifestyle meeting and living like and with the local people and the local equestrian traditions, without vehicle support in wild terrain.

Apart from the beautiful short journey to the starting point of your eXperience and back to the city you will not rely on any motor vehicle support. Instead traditional wooden carts, that mongolian families still use moving from one pasture to another, will travel with you.

A close encounter with nature always with a full respect for the horses and all the animals.

Camp in  spacious Tentipis, with foldable bed-cots along the rivers with the most breathtaking nightfall views.

You will travel accompanied by a Mongolian Ger (yurt) to serve as your mobile restaurant, as well as showers and compost toilets housed in traditional Mongolian marquee style tents. For two nights you will stay at a low-impact Ger camp at Jalman Meadows. Two nights will be passed in Ulaanbaatar at a centrally located hotel.

Peace begins here!



Trail Ride

10 days | 9 nights


From June to August


3399 Euro

All inclusive



Day 1

Upon your arrival in Ulaanbaatar you will be transferred to your hotel. There will be a briefing tour and dinner.

Day 2

Transfer to the airport and departure on a domestic flight* to Mörön, a capital of Khuvsgul province. You will head out to Khurkheree Am tented camp via Hatgal town, 125 km from Mörön. Picnic lunch will be provided on the way. After 5 o’clock tea at the camp, you will have a brief meeting to get some instruction regarding riding and meet your guide and the rest of the staff. Then you will make a short ride in order to become familiar with your horse. Dinner at the camp.

Day 3

You will ride across rather hilly terrain with occasional patches of Siberian larch forest. Throughout the ride you will see the grandeur of nature and the edge of the lake and come across a couple of clean water rivers such as Nariin, Khalkha and Kheekhter rivers. Picnic lunch will be provided on the way.

Your camp support structure is free from vehicles. Your provisions, camping equipment and luggage will be loaded onto the cart. You will arrive at the camp just before 5 o’clock tea. After tea, relax and enjoy a walk around the camp.

Day 4

Another nice day of riding. At noon, you will visit a nomadic family from Uriankhai ethnic group, which is located near by Khukhuu Tolgoi. Uriankhai, also written as “Uriyangkhai", or Uryangkhai, is a Mongolian term applied to several neighbouring “forest” ethnic groups such as the Altai Uriankhai, Tuvans and Yakuts. You will learn their daily life and get some eXperience of nomadic lifestyle and then continue your jourmey. For landscape, you will ride over less trees and rather steppe area. Picnic lunch will be provided on the way.

Day 5

You will ride up and down and cross a couple of forested small and high mountain passes through thick forested area. It means today’s riding is a little bit slower than previous days. Picnic lunch will be provided on the way. After relaxing, you will ride towards the hot spring of Bulnai Mountain which is 40 km in north of Chandmani-Undur soum, elevated 1600m and located among big mountains covered larch forested and granite cliffs. There are many geysers, with temperatures between 27º and 45º Celsius. The springs are situated in little wooden huts and are basically just a triangular hole cut in the wooden floor containing very hot water. This spring is widely used for healing the neurogenic and pituitous disorders because of its chemical properties, which include sulphat, chloride, sodium and calcium. You will explore the spring area for a while.

Day 6

Today you will ride through the rather longe thick forested area and by the obstacle course. Picnic lunch will be provided on the way. Today, you will your pace will be a little bit slower than other days to observe and admire some wild animals such as boars, roe deers, red deers, and mooses. Picnic lunch will be provided on the way.

Day 7

You will ride through the larch forests, up the slopes of the mountains following ridges with great views in a superb scenery. In some places the forests will suddenly start to appear and disappear while riding towards the Khuvsgul lake. There you will see a huge amount of its turquoise water and some piece of sand dunes, a fascinating combination in the scenarios of Khangai and Gobi zone. You will have a great chance to see almost the whole lake. Picnic lunch will be provided on the way.

Day 8

In the morning you can opt by a short hike or riding until lunch time. In the afternoon, after saying thanks and goodbye your guides and all the staff, you will get on a motor boat to head out to Alagtsar ger camp located at the northern east edge of the lake. Picnic lunch will be provided on the way.

While boating, you will stop by two small islands and admire the lake from the middle of it. Generally, there are 4 islands among the lake, Khadan Khui, Modon Khui, Baga khui, and Dalain khui. Khadan khui is a very high mountain cliff where many birds gather. Modon khui is a beauty of nature and transparent to depth of 24.5m. After arriving at the ger camp, you can have a hot shower, relax and pack for tomorrow.

Day 9

In the morning you will be driven back to Mörön and fly to Ulaanbaatar. Check into the hotel and see the capital city on your own.

Day 10

Transfer out back home or on to your next destination.

Additional Information


*domestic Ulaanbaatar-Mörön flight ticket  not included

Own sleeping bag required


All transfers included | Airport Gateway ULN

Additional beverages and lunch in Ulaanbaatar are paid separately

The services of local herdsmen will be required along with their animals. The horsemen follow a traditional lifestyle in the areas where you will be riding


If the group consists of 4 riders or more, you will also have a Mongolian doctor come along as part of the crew


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