The Great Himalaya

Riding Holiday

Ride on the roof of the world!

Ladakh is a land like no other. Bounded by two of the world's mightiest mountain ranges, the Great Himalaya and the Karakoram.


As the highest inhabited land in the world, Ladakh is a land of peaceful buddhist monks, medieval monasteries, fluttering prayer flags, pretty villages, cold desert, high passes, dramatic mountain scenery and surrounding countryside.



The Great Indian Desert

Trail Ride (with cultural tours)

Explore the desert area on horseback and feel the charm and appeal of the Thar Desert.

Turn your dream into reality with a delightful horse ride in the desert.

Popularly known as the 'Land of Kings’, the state is the epitome of romance and heroism.



Regal Horse Riding with Taj Mahal

Trail Ride (with cultural tours)

​Enjoy the delightful views of the colorful and lively regions that cannot be seen elsewhere in the world and ride the beautiful Royal Marwari horse, across its very homeland.

Let your senses sway to the romance of the regal era as you ride through the panoramic terrain and spend nights in the Forts and Castles of Noble family.


After finishing your trail ride, you will visit the wonder of the world, Taj Mahal.



Castle to Castle Tour

Trail Ride

Ride on the trails that once reverberated with the galloping of the mighty Rajput horses and sleep in Magnificent Forts, Opulent Palaces & Historical Castles.


The Legendary Era in today's time, giving you a Royal Maharaja & Maharani life eXperience.



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