Sacred Valley

Trail Ride

Riding along the Pululahua crater edge leads you on hidden trails towards, along and above the beautiful and magical Guayllabamba river valley, that was visited and settled by ancient Ecuadorian cultures longtime even before the arrival of the Incas.

Therefore, the Sacred Valley!



Ride, Hike & eXplore

Trail Ride & Hike

4 days eXperience that will take you from Pululahua crater to the springs of the Yumbo culture.

Witness volcanic history and nature, interesting geological formations, mineral avalanches blooming with wild orchids and traditional Andean agriculture.



Volcano & Yombo Trail

Trail Ride

Start inside the Pululahua Crater and enter a tropical climate with bamboo, sugar cane and banana trees, before start climbing gently but continually in order to leave the valley towards the south-west. On this picturesque trail up the mountain, you only come across a few small farmhouses, where the highland farmers scratch a meagre income from the steep, infertile land beside the forest. 

Looking backwards, the valleys and mountains unfold below you like from bird's perspective.



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