The Central Balkan National Park lies in the heart of  Bulgaria, nestled in the central and higher portions of the Balkan Range. The Park contains rare and endangered wildlife species and communities, self-regulating ecosystems of biological diversity, as well as historical sites of global cultural and scientific significance.


Central Balkan is a favorite place for recreation among tourists from Bulgaria and from around the world. The local people develop traditional livelihoods and crafts here.

The national park includes nine nature reserves covering 28% of its territory: Boatin, Tsarichina, Kozya Stena, Steneto, Severen Dzhendem, Peeshti Skali, Sokolna, Dzhendema and Stara Reka.

The Central Balkan National Park is one of the largest and most valuable of the protected areas in Europe. The park and eight of the nine nature reserves are on the UN list of Representative Protected Areas, and four of the nature reserves are included in the World Network of Biosphere Reserves under the UNESCO Man and Biosphere Programme. It is a full member of the WWF-led PAN Parks. Over 130 higher plants and animals encountered in the Central Balkan National Park are listed in the Bulgarian and the World Red Book of Endangered Species. The relief is various and gives us opportunity to have nice canters.

From the Riding Club, located near by the town of Sevlievo, to the village of Kastel, Village of Valevtsi, Mountain Hut under the Pick of Mazalat, Ski Resort ”Uzana”, “Smirnenski” Lake, Village of Kovachite and back to the Riding Club.



Trail Ride

8 days | 7 nights


Departure Dates

2019: July 20 to 27 | August 03 to 10


999 Euro

All inclusive



Day 1

Pick up from Sofia Airport and transfer to Sevlievo, placed 190 km Northeast from the capital.

Arrival in Helios hotel with swimming pool and sauna in the town of Sevlievo.

Initial Instructions by the guides.

Dinner and night at the hotel.

Day 2

Breakfast in the hotel.

Arrival at the stable, choosing horses and preparing to start.

This first day gives us the opportunity to canter in the beautiful area at the feet of the Balkan mountain from where you can see the whole central Balkan and its magestic peaks.

Picnic at the middle of the ride in the open fields at the shady place with amazing view.

Arrival in the pretty small village of Kastel where we organize our camp with a fire place and cook the dinner at the nice meadow with a great view. The riders who do not like camping could spend the night in a bungalow (we should know this in advance).

Riding about 25 km (4,5 hours)

Day 3

Breakfast at the camp.

Start of the ride trough the Fore-mountains in the real wilderness.

The ride will take us to a small mountain paradise, where you will have opportunity to swim in the crystal clear waters of Rositsa river.

Picnic next to Rositsa river.

We will have few resting hours around the river after the picnic.

Next we are going to ride or walk into the National Reservation “Luggut”, where we can see the wild animals in their natural habitat.

At the end of the day we will arrive in a beautiful guest house in the village of Valevtsi.

Dinner at the guest house.

After dinner we can go to the Summer Bar “Bedouin”, which is next to the river and have a party and a night swim in the river.

Riding about 15 km  (3.5 hours)

Day 4

Breakfast at the guest house

Riding uphill  toward the heart of the National Park “Central Balkan”. The road is taking us to a deep forest with more than 100 years old beech trees next to Rositsa River. In the hot weather we can swim in the natural pools of the river.

Picnic in the forest.

Arrival at “Mazalat” hut (1520 m), situated exactly under the famous natural reservation ”Peeshti Skali” (Singing rocks).  After the ride we will take a walk to the reservation. From Mazalat peak you can watch the natural beauties around  in a distance of  60km at 360 degrees.

You can choose to sleep in the Hut in a big common bedrooms for 3, 5 or 8 people or outside in tents.

Dinner in the hut

Riding about 21 km (5 hours)


Day 5

Breakfast at the hut.

Riding at the crest of the Balkan and enjoying the amazing views at both sides of the mountain.

Picnic at the top of the mountain

Arriving in a hotel in the famous “Uzana” region- the geographic center of Bulgaria.

After the ride we will visit by car the Sokolski Monastery, situated few kilometers away.

Dinner in the hotel.

Riding about 16 km (5 hours)

Day 6

Breakfast at the hotel

Riding downhill towards the big artificial lake “Hristo Smirnenski”, which is the main water source of Gabrovo citty - the Bulgarian “Capital  of  humour and satire”.

Picnic next to the village of Mechkovtsi.

Arrival in a beautiful Guest House in the village of Kovachite, near Gabrovo.

Dinner at the guest house

Riding about 30 km (6 hours)


Day 7

Breakfast at the guest house

Visit by car of the open-air Ethnographic museum “Etara”. The complex represents a village from the 19th century with the main crafts developed at that time. The old machines are working with the power of the running water and the present craftsmen produce traditional pots, garments, food, music, instruments, tools and souvenirs on them. Here you can buy presents for your friends.

At this last day riding we are closing the circle and riding back to the stable beside the rocky chain “Vitata Stena " (702 m).

Picnic next to the village of Armenite, situated at the foot of “Vitata Stena”

Arrival at the stable.

Night at  ”Helios” hotel in the town of  Sevlievo.

Dinner at the hotel

Riding about 26 km (4,5 hours)

Day 8

Breakfast at the hotel.

Leaving for Sofia.

Departure from Sofia Airport.

Additional Information


Additional activities

Bow-shooting, swimming in a lake with the horses, rowing with canoe, cultural tour around the historic landmarks, visit to Devetaki plateau caves and special party night. Massages are available in some nights upon request and against a small additional payment.

Sleeping bag hire  20 Euro 

Single tent  40 Euro


Arrival time required: between 12:00 and 16:00 or something very close to this time. Guests arriving outside the recommended time should have a special transfer (80 Euro).

Departure time required: between 11:00 and 15:00 or something very close to this time. Guests departing earlier than the recommended time should have a special transfer (80 Euro).

Guests departing later than the recommended time will not have to pay for a special transfer, but will be left at the airport together with the earlier departing riders.


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